Africa's Spring Steel Solutions Portal

Proud of its Singaporean and South-African Heritage, Cheng Xin Spring Steel supports pan-African manufacturing where Spring Steel (and special steels also) is required. We ourselves have two sister companies both of which are manufacturers and have special metal requirements. What we supply others, we use ourselves. The hard lessons we have learned over 40 years, we'll happily share with you.

Our Reason for existing in the first place

At the heart of our business is the belief and intent that no business should ever have to go through the pain, mis-information, frustration and day-light robbery that we ourselves once experienced when sourcing special steels and in particualr spring steel. That was before we took matters into our own hands.

We believe that the future of South Africa and Africa depends in part on manufacturing businesses breaking the constraints imposed by short-sighted profiteers who stifle growth. Of course other things are important, but this was something we thought we could make a contribution towards.

Cheng Xin's Purpose

Manufacturers and engineers have enough to deal with, so let us help you with your Spring Steel plate sourcing requirements. We now have the largest range of spring steel plate on the continent. But apart from merely supplying Spring Steel we provide information on all aspects of Spring Steel. Whether its an issue with grade selection, forming, or understanding what to expect from heat treatment, we are here to try and help!.

If you are new to this site

The links below will give you an introduction to Spring Steel, it provides some reference material so that we can communicate clearly and have a constructive conversation